Connection Focused Therapy® is the concept of an approach that was the result of collaboration between Dr. Rebecca Bailey and Linda Kohanov. It embodies our lives’ work and belief that individuals can put traumatic events behind them and move forward. Moving forward means understanding internal road blocks that can keep us stuck, in a state of fight or flight, so that we are able to move forward and problem solve. Awareness of the role of the nervous system and its impact on the narrative the brain develops is a new and exciting way of understanding how people can get stuck and isolated. 

     In 2012 Dr. Bailey attended a training with Dr. Stephen Porges. His introduction of the vagus nerve’s impact on the nervous systems awareness helped put words to what previously were concepts incorporated into the treatment approach and environment utilized by Dr. Bailey and associates at Transitioning Families . In particular Dr. Porges’ word Neoroception resonated. Neoroception is the felt sense of safety and security we all seek in order to be able to have positive relationships with each other.